Add new options for people in need of resettlement

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The city has approved support for features self resettlement (TDC) in cash for the project has arranged a resettlement policy in the province. This is considered a step to remove "bottlenecks" important to speed up the clearance (clearance), the construction of infrastructure for development, bringing much more profitable option for the people, removed remove the stigma of "resettlement" all along.
Haunted resettlement

Despite solve large demand for housing for people, but not at the resettlement area in the province of Hanoi has rapidly deteriorated chong.Them to that the adverse living conditions have become obsession with thousands of households.

The first degradation to include the resettlement Den Lu (Hoang Mai district, Hanoi). In 2005, hundreds of households have moved to this area to serve the project site clearance Vinh Tuy Bridge. However, because the quality is not guaranteed, so only a few years in use, this resettlement has seriously degraded. Impermeable walls, peeling, foot buildings subsidence phenomenon appeared, cracked.
Su lua chon moi ve nha tai dinh cu

Ms. Le Minh Ngoc, who lived at the Dong Tau Urban N4 (Hoang Mai district) said that her family was relocated to buy apartments when the city clearance to perform drainage project phase 2, the last paragraph Lightning river, Tuong Mai ward (Hoang Mai). When new in her family feel like because of cool, old house near the river not as many mosquitoes and insects. However, the new find many obstacles. Old house wide area, the resettlement areas, fixed rate buy nearly 80m2 only, so there are many inconveniences in daily life. In addition, people's awareness is not high should remain unhygienic condition. Later the family decided to convert also take procedures to the papers.

Nam Trung Yen resettlement area in Cau Giay district is also in a similar situation. Even this resettlement site also makes people worried by the deterioration evident and increasingly serious when peeling wall, whereas good management should not remain scattered around the area a lot of waste. At some empty land "grow" to the pub, very unkempt sidewalks ...

In fact, the construction work of the resettlement funds the city has always been interested in looking at, but the investment in infrastructure, lack of synchronization and construction quality assurance has not yet formed bad notions about the resettlement .
Remove the "knots" for people with a wide selection

Recently, the chairman of the Hanoi People's Committee Nguyen Duc Chung signed Decision No. 47/2016 / QD-Committee approved the resettlement assistance in cash to take care of cases of resettlement layouts is 6.8 million / m2.

Accordingly, the level of support applies to cases of land acquisition eligible for resettlement arrangement prescribed. In case of households and individuals to buy houses at the prices of TDC TDC has to factor in the level of support will decrease in proportion to the difference between the selling price stipulated by TDC MPC and prices TDC home sales that the farmers have to pay. This decision has received the support of public opinion.

Talking to Pv, Vice Chairman Tran Vietnam Ha Cau Giay said, the fact that most people are selling resettlement receipt to receive a part of the difference. Why has this situation? Mr. Ha questioned and answered himself as a small structure, not suitable for the living conditions of the people. Furthermore, not regional location as required. Then, when conducting purchase - sale, farmers must be more funding to the name, the more the industry functions to solve.

Mr. Ha emphasized that with this decision, the people will benefit because there is more choice, while the state will not have to invest, not spend funds for maintenance and annual maintenance. For each location of the plot is built resettlement houses, the construction business will take care of land tax, as well as having responsibility for the construction of the urban condition.

Truong Quang Thieu, Head of City Land Clearance confirmed, this is the highlight remove "bottlenecks" in the work so long clearance, opening up more opportunities for the people's choice. Currently, in the districts mainly by the TDC, no resettlement by land. While the resettlement fund now and not enough to meet the survey, most of the people in the house after receiving TDC sold them to buy commercial houses and other options. Along with that, the management of the resettlement difficult. Therefore, the implementation of policies to support the cash to fend TDC is very true, diving and open up opportunities for more people the right to choose again.

To deploy a new policy decision on this, the city has clearance guidelines districts performed.

Specifically, after the draw the resettlement, the organization in charge of land acquisition shall make compensation, support and resettlement for households and individuals whose land is recovered. In the plan must reflect specific 2 forms: The land acquisition compensation equal apartments, houses sell TDC as prescribed; people with land acquisition is supported by money to take care of resettlement in the case of households and individuals who wish to take care of the resettlement. The contents of each form must be fully reflected information on compensation, support and resettlement, support amounts to fend TDC, the amount payable when buying TDC, the total monetary value received under each form on a specific plan ...

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