700 million apartment / flat coming out in the market.

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According to the tentative schedule has been announced, will be built Vingroup 200000-300000 brand VinCity apartments with reasonable prices especially in the next 5 years in many provinces and cities nationwide, enabling a large number of consumer access to and ownership of life quality and utility in urban areas by developing Vingroup.
The rating on this issue, Mr. Le Hoang Chau - President Ho Chi Minh City Real Estate Association - said that this is a new signal in the market. Last time, many people still think that many large enterprises extract only money invested in high-end residential projects for large profits, however, are doing Vingroup markets have a way of looking at the problem.

"With a strong potential, professional management, and especially highly experienced project development is abundant, future home buyers will certainly benefit from the residential products of this business in the future "Mr Chau said.
Chung cu gia 700 trieu sap ra thi truong

In the perspective of Le Ba Chi's experts, cheap land to develop housing in big cities like Hanoi and HCM City is not much. This is a problem without any real estate businesses quickly find the answers.

"By his own direction, plus the existing policy, the price of land in the suburbs of cities like Cu Chi and Hoc Mon ... is relatively cheap, Vingroup sure would make for an affordable housing craze on the market in the near future. I found affordable housing in recent years has been more attention now, but with a fast and efficient way of Vingroup sure other businesses will have to adjust strategies competition ", Dr. Nhan added.

Meanwhile, according to real estate experts Phan Cong Chanh, by preparing pretty carefully for years, plans to develop affordable housing spread across 7 provinces of Vingroup can be seen as a bold and ambitious ring.

"In my opinion, the market for affordable housing will be redistributed by involvement with a relatively long-term strategy of Vingroup. This is" the game "much greater element of surprise, will create competition very intense in the future. Many businesses are making affordable housing should review their investment strategies if it wants to compete with the market share of 1 real estate business this Vietnam ", the expert received review.

Talking to us pm 4/12, Mr. Ngo Quang Phuc - Deputy CEO of Him Lam Land, said the real estate market has made every business it wants to diversify its products to serve multiple audiences customers and increase liquidity.

In any business stage also suitable investment strategy, important issues are yet to prepare now to be a good land bank and matching segments. "This is a long-term plan and through a large corporation like Vingroup. I think this will help the market to reduce the mismatch of supply and demand. This is a good signal for the market at this time, especially in the segment affordable housing when there is a real estate giants began implementing a long-term roadmap for their investment, "Phuc said.

Last time, the market has had several real estate companies involved in housing development with average prices. Can mention the ambitions of JSC Construction and Urban Infrastructure Development - BID Vietnam has also announced an ambitious strategy in investing its tens of thousands of cheap apartments in a large market as HCMC.

Accordingly, since 2016-2018, Vietnam will implement BID project Edu-Home BID 1 in District 9 provide 1,200 apartments with a total investment of 580 billion VND. Edu-Home Project BID 2 in Binh Chanh scale 1,500 units, a total investment of 900 billion. Since 2018-2022, the company will implement the project BID Edu-Home 3 in Nha Be district, the scale of 3,000 units, total investment of 1.400 billion.

Market observations show that some companies are moving toward making affordable housing for young families. These include Nam Long Company "handshake" with the Japanese investors to make lineup EHomeS; L & L is simultaneously deploying Asa Light apartment, Ouyang Lan Tower, The Avila; Asia project is Citisoho II; Him Lam Land with 2,000 homes cheap in some prime land in the East this year ... All these products are offered for sale price of around 1 billion, spread over all the East and South of the City.

In addition to the developing unit affordable housing, at the existing City housing several foreign companies also are "encroaching" on the segment. Typically, as a real estate investment funds to Luxembourg from 2015 has ordered a hunt for local partners in the clean land bank district 8, 9, Binh Tan, Thu Duc, Nha Be, Tan Phu to develop apartment. In the years 2016-2017, this unit area is searched from 3.000-30.000m2, the segment is defined as apartments under one billion price, affordable.

Talking to us recently, Mr. Ang Wee Gee, CEO, Keppel Land (Singapore) said that with a thriving economy, Vietnam is expected to become one of the best national growth Southeast Asia in the coming years. Vietnam, especially HCM City will continue to attract capital foreign direct investment.

According to Mr Ang Wee Gee, for the real estate market of Vietnam, in addition to high-end residential areas, the majority of people need housing segment is still affordable. In strategic partnership with the real estate business in the country today, Keppel Land will jointly develop affordable housing type at a location not too far from the city center, but still meets the needs live of cutomer.

To many experts also found that future exploitation of land for real estate investment in big cities like Hanoi and HCM City will be extremely tough, fierce competition. While the demand for affordable housing in these localities are always at a high level, so not cheap land in the next 3-5 years will be scarce this segment reached "alarming".

Only in Vietnam with about 13 million people are roughly 500,000 families need emergency accommodation, each year there are 50,000 new couples need housing. Most of these are people with middle-income and young customers heading.

And the strategy of "attack" on the affordable housing segment, Vingroup doing real estate market suddenly "euphoria" back. Many comments that with a potential business is quite strong as Vingroup, clean land fund "to spend" many years will help businesses implement their strategy quickly, helps low-income people have been good quality homes to live.

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