2017: Where to invest for profitable?

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In 2017, more lucrative opportunities open up, but most experts agree that channels savings bank interest rate remains the safest for those who have no knowledge about investing, whether it does not bring the other added value.

Dinh Dau early days, market is flooded with bright colors. Gold prices tend to rise; green stock flooding; Real estate recovery. Many people said that this is a good opportunity for investors. However, experts said, if uninformed market, investors will be losses of capital to invest in these channels.
Capital "thin" to find a safe channel
This was the verdict of economist Nguyen Tri Hieu on safe investment channel in Chicken. "For those who do not have deep knowledge about investment, savings bank channel with interest rates of 6-7% / year is a good return and safety, particularly the money sent 1 billion, though it does not bring added value, "he said.
Analysis of this, Mr Hieu said that in 2017, investment safety must be a top priority. "From the beginning of the year to spend 1 billion, last year still receive 1 billion, despite inflation rising 3% or 5%. The Bank does not pay any money to the sender to offset inflation, only the principal amount of the money to pay the interest rate effect. But this is always a safe investment channel ", Dr. Nguyen Tri Hieu recommended.
This shares the same opinion, Assoc Ngo Tri Long, former Director of the Institute of Price Management (Ministry of Finance) that, under the principle of investing in profitable public sector will come with great risks, low profits will increase safety. From this principle, along with the ability to pilot the Government would bankrupt weak banks, the safest investment channel is still to save money.
According to the two experts, the international environment is to change the strong, the economic situation will be difficult to stabilize in 2017. Therefore, the two experts also "pushed" all remaining channels such investment gold, securities, foreign currencies and real estate.
In fact, this is the value-added channel investment style, "a capital of four words," send the first 1 billion years, last year about a few billion extra revenue. According to experts, this channel is only available to large investors, willing to "risky" or to truly understand the market.
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Channel bank savings interest rate would be safe and profitable if there is less money
Opportunities always come with risk
Chairman of the company Business & Investing Gold Vietnam - Tran Thanh Hai assessment, in 2017, gold is more volatile, though not as large as the 2009, 2010. With such waves, gold investment is a channel may gain substantially, but also the risks mountains.
Especially, Vietnam are not allowed to do business in this channel. Therefore, investors can only buy gold to hoard or wait until the price of gold rose to sell for profit. However, according to industry experts gold, the gold market in the next 5 years will be huge volatility, gold in the world could decline, accordingly, can drag down the gold market in the country under.
Hai said, looking back in 2016, despite difficult but yellow gold price still increased by more than 8%, the golden years of investment remains profitable and remain so this year.
"Those people, if selected channel yellow gold investors should wait return to the support and secure purchase than buying gold at the 9999 prestigious stores as a means of easily storing, preserving capital later "- Mr. Hai recommended.
For investors, securities investment channel always outperformed other investment channels for years, with attractive principle "common shares - extraordinary profits".
In 2017, experts said that the stock investment will be targeted by investors patience, have a vision of investment opportunities for the industry to prosper.
In fact, after the Lunar New Year, green government securities. In particular, banking stocks are expected to "break" this year as the information of the home ownership rate of foreign investment in the banking sector could be increased in 2017.
Besides, a series of large State-owned enterprises on the floor, with a strong distribution network, well-known brand ... This is an opportunity for investors in 2017.
These firms currently have a lower rate of return than the potential, but when equitization, change leadership structure or just change the regulation of professional activity, business efficiency will outstanding growth.
Real estate is now one of the investment channels advertised with high profitability ratios, leaving 1 contract in this market, it will gradually grow into 1.5 and 2 bronzes.
However, according to experts, "the chicken will lay golden eggs" as investors seize the opportunity, choose the right time to invest in market segments need to pour money in 2017 as a cheap, land, adjacent territory. Need to be careful when investing in industrial real estate, resort, luxury ...
Besides the traditional investment channels, the experts say, in Dinh Dau, investors can choose the field of entrepreneurship. This is an area the government development priorities with many preferential policies. So there will be an opportunity for small investors, who are less able to take advantage of niche markets to develop.
Experts said that the micro and small enterprises can contribute capital to establish enterprises eyeing the urgent needs of the market such as the service sector, special care ...
Huyen Anh (Business Times)

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