2017: Competitive affordable housing lies not only in price

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Although there are many opportunities in the market when supply is limited, but the unit affordable housing development also faces many challenges in project quality management, infrastructure deployment ...
Between 2012, the Hanoi real estate market for the first time a project has been sold for $ 10 million per m2 of Muong Thanh Group. After a few days on the market, hundreds of units have been sold, although that time, the market is in crisis, other projects almost no buyers. Then it was consecutive business success with other projects in the same segment. Even projects of affordable housing units have become the ultimate for many real estate floor time. The difference in the market price was pushed up to hundreds of millions each.

Because many investors are not enthusiastic about this segment and supplies the missing (only meet 20% of demand), so long as the project is launched cheap market prices often produces fever or liquidity . Buyers lined up, the price difference of up to hundreds of millions or records to be able to buy virtual social housing and make the difference ... was quite popular in the market.

But about two years ago, when a number of affordable housing projects exist restrictions in fire prevention, quality of work, poor utility infrastructure, building exceeds floors, ... then this segment has caused many doubts and slower liquidity. Recently, a number of projects are being investigated by the building without permission, does not meet fire safety standards, building regulations too tall ... Many projects outlying or poor utility does not sell be, even dull when opening the first sale made many years after the project was not able to finish.

Năm 2017 Cạnh tranh nhà giá rẻ không chỉ nằm ở giá bán
2017 has been identified as low-cost housing in the battle going strong

In this context, recently, some real estate giants such as Vingroup, FLC, Him Lam ... announced that will participate in the lower segment led many experts here as a "blow" to the powerful property market, made the war became more intense. Compared to a few years ago, the excitement is different. Investments in social housing for years mainly with State enterprises such as Handico 5, Viglacera, HUD, Vinaconex ... Number of commercial projects under $ 20 million of private enterprise not as much as Muong Thanh Group, capital Invest ...

With the participation of the "players" new, former Deputy Minister of Natural Resources and Environment, Professor. Dang Hung Vo said that the property market will be more transparent, buyers will have access to the most cost monitoring, reducing the price difference from intermediaries and speculators. In contrast, the business is investing in affordable housing segment will face big competition that forced to change investment concept, how to implement.

Mr Vo said: "The challenge is not only the price but the crux of quality, selling and utility services after the project goes into operation."

Same view, leaders of the Group Geleximco said that with the participation of large enterprises, the competition in the segment and intermediate affordable housing in the near future does not lie in selling prices. Many projects in this segment previously lacking in infrastructure, good utility. This is the focus of the race in 2017.

"Customers now have the psychological picky investors. The first one they choose is reputable investors. Next, the quality of housing and utilities and, thereafter, to consider the price, "the said.

Therefore, many experts say, whether a salvage plan for many businesses in the near future in the context of significant demand, but investment in this segment will not be easy as before. That's why many investors recently, "playful" to spend tens of billions deployment utility items that were previously only available in the most advanced project.

Recently, when selling Gelexia Garden project in Hoang Mai (Hanoi) opening sale with prices ranging from 18 million dong per m2, said investors will invest in infrastructure such as playgrounds, pools, parks and shopping malls. Or investor Ecohome Welfare Project (Long Bien) open sale of apartments priced from 16 million / m2 also offers an outdoor pool items, gym, children's play area. With prices ranging from 700 million / unit, the investor Ecopark also offer a range of facilities such as landscape, gym, bus ...

When participation in the affordable housing segment, Vingroup said, the project's affordable housing units to be deployed synchronously, with enough modern utility systems for residents such as schools, health care , business center, convenience stores, landscapes, parks and sports evil service infrastructure ...

During a workshop held last week, Director of the Institute for Economic Research and Policy, Dr. Nguyen Duc Thanh said, the screening of the market will become increasingly more intense.

Mr Thanh said that "greater competition forced businesses must balance to survive and develop. If a cheap product but 800 million poor quality, customers are willing to spend more money to buy the quality better".

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