12 buildings on 3 hectares of dilapidated urban areas Linh Dam

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Take the example of 12-storey buildings crammed in 3 hectares Linh Dam, model urban dilapidated, Minister-Chairman of the Government Office visit the Construction Ministry's responsibility in the management.
17/2 days, the Task Force has been meeting the Prime Minister's inspection of the implementation of the task, concluded, directed by the Government, the Prime Minister at the Ministry of Construction. At the meeting, the Working Group of the Prime Minister pointed out the problem of mass public opinion, the press attention, urgent related ministry.
khu do thi linh dam

Penalties for violations exist?
The first problem he Mai Tien Dung, Head of the Working Group of the Prime Minister mentioned that the planning and construction management planned many shortcomings and weaknesses.
"The delay in setting up the detailed planning can lead to shaking hands, deal planning mechanism will apply to existing and leading to general planning will be changed," Dung said.
The Task Force evaluated and documented general planning construction of the capital until 2030 and vision to 2050 approved since 2011, but so far many zoning, detailed planning has not been approved.
The construction permit is inadequate, resulting in many projects blatantly investors exceeded storey building, the wrong licenses, typical Muong Thanh hotel project (Khanh Hoa), Le Truc Building 8B or after licensees, investors continue to increase the number of procedures of application layer, such as a mixture of Thang Long building (Yen Hoa, Cau Giay), project 131 Thai Ha (Da) ...
"Consequently, the increased population density, lack of common spaces such as gardens, playgrounds, inundation, especially the pressure on urban traffic infrastructure, social infrastructure of the city 2 of Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City. Especially not with the direction of the Prime Minister in the general planning of the capital, is controlled population density CBD and descending to 2050, "he Mai Tien Dung evaluation.
He also argued that the law violated the building happened many, but the incident reflected only when there is a detection of people or the press.
This shows that ex-post audits, monitoring, inspection and project owners are very loose, even loose. When violations occur not handle resolutely, thoroughly, common treatment measures are often administrative penalties, therefore insufficient deterrent. Status "exists punishment for" still continues.
'Do not let investors wriggle, adjusting the plan'
According to Mai Tien Dung, the forecast was not planning on watching the practice of urban development, more planning is adjusted, the management of urban administration is weak, slow policy response than love practical needs, the state planned to run under the project.
Construction Law issued regulations to overcome the dispersion of investment, closed between localities, but the situation has yet to fall.
For example, more than 10 years before drawing up the Linh Dam urban area (Hanoi), who do the planning was very proud to build a beautiful peninsula, worth living. But just a few years, the planning area is loose, within only 3 hectares of land, which are about 12 high-rise buildings springing up, shattering the peninsula ...
Outlined a series of shortcomings in the planning and management of urban order, Dung asks: "The Ministry of Construction has action, timely measures to rectify this problem? Responsibility for management of the Ministry of State for housing projects of medium and large-scale look like? "
Dung questioned why the Ministry did not soon build a database system to control the development of housing and industrial areas to avoid breaking development planning, planning a behind implementing a HR .
According to the Minister, the Office of Government, what the people wanted and requested the Prime Minister is responsible for managing the agency's highest state in this field is the Ministry of Construction will offer specific solutions, what drastically in the near future to improve the quality of planning and strict management of the construction as planned, to the urban aspect of Vietnam in particular and the country in general really innovation, towards Sustainable Development.
"Do not let investors wriggle, adjusting the plan," he Mai Tien Dung stressed.
Admitted planning to build more pressing issues, Minister Pham Hong Ha Construction ceiling have many kinds of planning conditions including infrastructure planning, so if not handled well will lead to traffic congestion and multiple systems other implications.
"On the adjustment plan, I think our methods are not wrong, but how to do it wrong.
The process is very strict, process evaluation and approval is very thorough but adjusting the planning is the problem which leads to indecent weak and does not exclude the possibility that there are benefits from that group. We see very clearly this issue, "he said.
About the solution, he said we must first complete institutions. Ministry records are submitted to the Government Administration Law, a comprehensive adjustment of urban development work.
"In the future, we will strengthen inspection and urging, reviewing all planning related to environmental protection, check out some planning, especially in new urban areas or areas are pressing in the second quarter / 2017 ", he affirmed.

Commander of the construction industry also stressed the Ministry is striving reduced evaluation period construction permits down 20 days whether to embrace additional stages beyond the licensing process as environmental impact assessment ...

Kieu Fun - Hieu Cong (Zing)

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