10 Reasons to invest in Coco Ocean-Spa Resort

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The ideal location, unique architecture, new direction, easy price, easy to own, relax investment but profit every year ... are the reasons that Coco Ocean-Spa Resort makes the head Quickly "drop hat".
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The location welcomes more than 7 million tourists each year
Located in the intersection of Da Nang - Hoi An, stretching along the Truong Sa - famous heritage route of the Central; Coco Ocean-Spa Resort is not difficult to attract visitors coming here every year. In fact, the annual report of the Department of Tourism Danang show that the number of visitors here each year reached nearly 6 million; Hoi An is approximately 2 million.
Cocobay's most beautiful vision
The project owns the most beautiful location of the complex at the gateway and is a welcome symbol of Cocobay. Opposite of the project is a group of 1,500 stage performances and busy street. The two sides are the scenery of two world-class 18-hole golf courses: Da Nang Golf Club and Montgomerie Links, facing the sea.
"Wellness Condotel" unique
Coco Ocean-Spa Resort is the unique condotel in Vietnam, with a total investment of Spa, Gym-Fitness, Yoga, and swimming pool. Developing in the direction of health care, Coco Ocean-Spa Resort not only aims to attract customers, bringing high profit to investors; It also opens a new direction, enriching the basket of resort properties on the market.
Impressive sea wave architecture
Coco Ocean-Spa Resort is uniquely designed with the concept of waves, with the desire to bring a space of energy-filled accommodation for visitors. The interior design of each condotel is meticulously polished, reasonably arranged in terms of functionality and efficiency of the room. Spilled glass is used optimally, bringing a wide view of the sea, feeling relaxed for visitors.
Coco Ocean-Spa Resort - Condotel deserves to invest money down.

Easy to own
In order to own Coco Ocean-Spa Resort, investors only need to make the first payment from 790 million, the rest (60%) will be SHB loans from 10 to 20 years, 0% interest rate at the time of handing over the project. . This is the ideal price to invest in condotel at this time.
Relaxing investment
Investors are committed to at least 12% per annum for the first eight years. For example, a 1 bedroom condotel at Coco Ocean-Spa Resort is priced at VND1.8 billion. With $ 790 million spent, customers will receive about $ 216 million a year in profits from the Empire Group. This is a steady and attractive income.
Lifetime profitability
From the 9th year onwards, customers will receive 80% of the profits from the room business. For example, one condotel cost $ 1.8 billion, the average rental rate of a four-star hotel in Da Nang is $ 2.8 million per night, about 65% occupancy, the annual turnover is about 637 million. Except for operating, maintenance and sales costs, the profit is about $ 400 million. In particular, the profit that customers receive is 320 million per year, equivalent to 17% per year.
In addition to great benefits, customers also travel comfortably.

Cocobay entertainment complex is about to operate
This is an extremely important point of Coco Ocean-Spa Resort. Not only that, Cocobay will launch the first phase in July, 2017. In just 4 months, visitors will experience exciting entertainment services such as: stylish restaurant system, café street, colorful walking street, interesting ... A dynamic Cocobay is Gradually existing in the heart of Danang, ready to attract tourists.
Owned by the Empire Group
Investors with innovative ideas and direction breakthroughs, opening up new trends in the real estate market. Asia's leading resort, Empire Group quickly paved the way for Vietnam's tourism industry with the launch of the famous Cocobay Entertainment Complex. This creative thinking should be promoted with the launch of Boutique Hotel, or the newest "Wellness Condotel" in Vietnam. No way, not old, not mixed, Empire Group is gradually affirming the identity of a professional real estate business.
Empire Hospitality operates
This is the successful operation of Naman Retreat 5 star resort in Da Nang. With the prestige of Empire Hospitality, two of the world's leading hotel management groups, Dream Hotel Group and the Louvre Hotels Group, have recently signed a partnership to manage the Boutique Hotel chain. At Cocobay.

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