10 forecasts real estate investors should not ignore in 2017

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Investors cautious industrial real estate, resort; think carefully before putting money into the premium segment, and monitoring of changes to tax policy of a second home ... the recommendations for real estate investors in 2017.
bat dong san
Real Estate in Dinh Dau is forecast to stand in front of many landmark volatility and investors pose many challenges. 

General Director of JSC Investment Consulting Phu Vinh - Phan Cong Chanh said the real estate investors and individuals will have a busy 2017 in the face of turbulent times and still have the option The most effective investment channel. Mr. Parent made 10 forecasts, which include advice for individual investors to participate in the real estate market in Dinh Dau.

First: Real Estate industry including industrial parks, warehouses, factories moved anticipatory investment opportunities still need to answer the problem is when the US withdrew from Trump Partnership Agreement Trans-Pacific (TPP) . Remote industrial areas will face many difficulties because of the cost of goods rotation high and difficult to hire native workers.

Second: Real estate will have a year of rest to fight really because of the intrinsic challenges await. The supply of this segment increased, the committed profit excessively from 10% a year or more will be maintained in the context of how you travel accelerated convalescence not as expected in the coastal city.

Third: Many super-project will appear in the big cities, cities with the sea and the satellite cities in HCMC and Hanoi. This increases the pressure on traffic jams, overloaded infrastructure and requires coordinated solutions to support the real estate market for sustainable development.

Wednesday: Segment apartment inventory accumulation leading to reduced prices. There will be fierce competition for rents in this segment. However, the central area of ​​Hanoi and HCM City will still appear many apartment projects including new service apartment rents to US $ 4000-5000 a month. This pushed the market competitiveness for rent fierce.

Thursday: Policy on real estate taxation 2nd with the new policy on land separation subdivision, land tax adjustments can cause land prices rose across the board. Information about entering split county in HCMC will also influence the direction of the price of land increases.

Friday: Housing affordability with price below 800 million for an area of ​​about 35-50 m2 will explode with the participation of some big guns. This is a landmark change in the balance of supply and demand in the market.

Saturday: Social housing (100-150 million a base) is the bright spot in the Pacific and some other provinces are also eager to deploy could become a new positive factors.

Eighth: Townhouses urban centers still bring resist the lure with rental cash flow stability and sustainable value increase over time.

Ninth: The model as a dorm room, home rentals will have a strong growth in demand due in large urban areas are continuously increasing year by year during the past decade.

Tenth: Fraud in real estate will increase with new moves, more sophisticated and methodical. Individual investors need to be cautious before investing channels with higher profitability rate of 50% a year or more because this is the basis of lack of commitment.

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