As the school system Vietnam venture high-quality from preschool to high school, Thai Binh Group was inherited many advantages in strategic development, infrastructure investment, as well as the focus of the Group Thai Binh Group. Currently, Thai Binh Group was present at high levels in urban areas.

Thai Binh Group profound belief, each student is special and unique in the totality of the society and the country. Thai Binh Group focuses on developing individual maximum potential, comprehensive education on attitudes, skills, knowledge, care for both mental and physical ... for generations of graduate students Vinschool successful life, useful life, mastering his future and that of the country.

Place the top goal is human development, Thai Binh Group has built and constantly improve the modern education system on the basis of optimal infrastructure, contribute to a new generation of dynamic young Vietnamese and civilized, with knowledge and skills, comprehensive integration while maintaining cultural identity and ethnicity, from which additional resources and help build momentum for the country development.

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