Real estate

In early 2010, THAIBINHGROUP launched and put into operation real estate trading floor services THAIBINHGROUP:
Real estate business
Mercantile Exchange helps customers perform transactions, investment condominiums, villas, land and land projects. Trading Floor also performs construction work for sale, lease and lease purchase, land reclamation investment and investment in infrastructure on leased land to lease land with infrastructure.
Service real estate brokerage
Service real estate brokerage of real estate transactions is mediate form of two or more other entities to create relations and business communication. Service real estate brokerage is a service of the leading financial and real estate exchanges. THAIBINHGROUP Mercantile Exchange provides brokerage services with diverse product portfolio for customers such as land, apartments, villas, cottages adjacent duplex villas, hotels, resorts , ecotourism parks, offices, commercial centers, buildings, factories, industrial buildings and other civil.
The main activities of the exchanges include: Get consignment sales from its parent company, consignment of the system affiliated companies and investment firms, other real estate, consignment sale real estate and personal customers wishing to purchase or lease another.
Services real estate trading floors
Notary services (notaries public or private notaries) relating to real estate; in conjunction with the State management agencies implement provide other services such as planning, transfer of ownership ...
Services real estate ads
Real estate trading floor is a regular crossing of the customers wishing to buy, sell, rent, lease, valuation, real estate consulting .... Website of the floor regularly with new customers access to real estate information to identify and exploit the customer support server. So the exploitation of advertising services in the real estate trading floor and on the website are quite effective.
Customers using advertising services through exchanges that the consulting company introduced real estate projects, the company invested in real estate, companies doing consulting services designed housing, office and companies providing equipment and furniture, construction materials. Forms of advertising such as floor offers: brochures sent at the headquarters of the trading floor, pictures of the project at the trading floor and on the website, the project 3D films screened at the screen of the floor and on the website, banner advertising PR articles on the website and on the website.
Services real estate consulting
Real estate transaction floors THAIBINHGROUP provide consulting services to real estate topics such as: Legal advice on investment projects, content consulting contract real estate transactions, counseling procedures red book and to name the red book.
In addition, the exchange also provides financial advisory services credit, counseling records building permit application, service general contractor and construction management provide legal documents for clients.
Future services
In the future, real estate trading floors THAIBINHGROUP towards the further development of other products to better serve the diverse needs of customers such as auction services real estate services real estate valuation services and real estate management.
With extensive relationships THAIBINHGROUP with companies in the sector, exchanges of THAIBINHGROUP is becoming crowded bridge between investors and investors for the project. Currently, the exchange has the right THAIBINHGROUP cc and exploitation of high-grade apartment project THAIBINHGROUP.


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