Core values

With 20 years in the industry, corporations Pacific always puts the responsibility on the top. We are committed to quality products to all customers quick, practical, constantly being enhanced to meet the needs of consumers. Besides, always interested in the interests of the customer, are responsible for handling the errors that may occur in the course of cooperation.
In the trend of democratization and integration, we always give employees an open environment, most comfortable way to promote creative ability, initiative thinking. Encourage employees to express an opinion, reviews, suggestions, guidance and direction to make a decision.
For an important factor now making a solid foundation and huge strides in the future is the "Trustee". The prestige is reflected in policies, services, products, ensuring maximum benefits for all stakeholders.
We believe that honesty is crucial in creating confidence, build, maintain and develop relations and strengthen its position. So we are building corporate financial transparency and fairness in relationships with employees, keep the promise of all commitments
Significant contribution to sustainable value creation, the Pacific group to ensure a safe working environment, comply with international standards, building production process closely and science, safety for employees, customers and community
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